CMOS testing campaign

As the use of CMOS cameras among the exoplanet community (and not only!) is increasing, members of the ExoClock community have prepared a testing campaign for these new tools!

If you already have or you plan to get one CMOS camera, the document here will give you a way to test and calibrate it. While the initial focus is around exoplanet observations, we believe that this document will be helpful to other projects, too.

We will be gratefull if you could share with us any feedback you might have on the document and any results from testing your equipment.

At the moment you can use the contacts in the documents and exoclockproject@gmail.com but we will soon create a communications portal through this page.

Below you can find two test runs on the QHY 268 Mono camera, conducted by Gianluca Rossi and Robert Lines.
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