ExoClock Data Release A - December 2020

Data Release A has been replaced by Data Release B. If you are looking for the data in Data Release A, you can access them fro our OSF repository: 10.17605/OSF.IO/3W7HM

This is the first Data Release from the ExoClock project!

Data for individual observations or planets can be found through the ExoClock website
but the complete database can be accessed through the Open Science Framework under the DOI:

In this database you will find

Exoplanet Characterisation Catalogue

The Exoplanet Characterisation Catalogue contains parameters for the 370 known planets and their host stars that are now potential Ariel targets. Information for individual planets can also be accessed via the planet’s dedicated page on the ExoClock website, e.g.

Catalogue of ExoClock Observations

The Catalogue of ExoClock Observations contains 632 transit observations for 120 extra solar planets. These are all the observations that were acquired, submitted to the ExoClock website and validated until the 15th of April 2020.Information for individual observations can also be accessed via the observation’s dedicated page on the ExoClock website, e.g.
The open observations are indicated with the label “data available” either on the general database page on the ExoClock website
or on the planet’s dedicated page on the ExoClock website, e.g.

Catalogue of ExoClock Ephemerides

The Catalogue of ExoClock Ephemerides contains the list of validated ephemerides for 84 exoplanets. In this work we have updated the ephemerides for 28 planets (considered now verified) and verified existing ephemerides for additional 56. The verified ephemerides are indicated with a green check icon on the general database page on the ExoClock website


For more details see our first publication below, which you will need to cite if you are using the ExoClock database for your work.
Thank you!

A. Kokori, A. Tsiaras, B. Edwards et al. (2021).
ExoClock Project: An open platform for monitoring the ephemerides of Ariel targets with contributions from the public.
Experimental Astronomy (published).
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