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Observing exoplanet transits with remote telescopes

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In order to increase participation in our project and exoplanet science, we would like to give the opportunity to observe exoplanet transits to people that don’t have a telescope. This initiative is supported by our observing partner Telescope Live and by the Las Cumbres Observatory through the LCO Global Sky Partners program.

To participate, you don’t need to have any previous experience at all! What will you do? Priority will be given to participants without equipment.

Examples of observations acquired in 2022 as part of the Global Sky Partners project "ORBYTS: Refining Exoplanet Ephemerides" (B. Edwards) .

Interested in joining? Apply by 31/12/2023

You can express your interest by applying either individually or as groups up to 4 people. In the case of groups, please include the names of all people in the group.

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