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ExoClock Project

ExoClock is a project to monitor transiting exoplanets in order to keep their ephemerides up-to-date. Everyone with some basic equipment, including a telescope and a CCD camera, can participate in the effort of monitoring the planets' host stars. If you haven't heard of exoplanet monitoring before, have a look here:

Step 1: Register your telescopes

Now that you are ready, go to My Telescopes to register your telescopes. These information is mandatory for us to suggest you which planets to observe, and when. You can always update your telescopes under My Telescopes and your personal info under My Profile.

Step 2: Check your schedule

After completing this step, go to My Schedule to see which planets you can observe.

Step 3: Observe a transit

If you don't have any experience on observing transiting exoplanets, all the guidelines on how to record an exoplanet transit are outlined here:

Step 4: Analyse your observation

Following the observation, you can carry out the data analysis by using the software HOPS that our team has especially designed for transiting exoplanets. You are more than welcome to use any other photometric software, however we recommend HOPS to maintain homogeneity in the results. In addition HOPS is very easy to use, fast and compatible with all operating systems. You can find all the guidelines for the software installation and use here:

Step 5: Upload your light curve

After you have completed and analysed your observation, you can upload your light curve at Upload Observation. Your results will be checked by us and then published in the website. You can see all your observations and their status under at My Observations.

Published light curves will also appear in the ExoClock Observations Database.

If your are facing any issues, don't hesitate to contact us at:
Enjoy observing, we are looking forward to getting your results!
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